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Our WCA Videos
Tell Our Story

"Talking Woods Cooperative Blues"

A Walk in The Woods from a Little Dog's View

This video is a 6-minute walking tour of one of the little neighborhoods in The Woods Cooperative.

The wonderful music in this video is from Dan Crary, a resident of The Woods Cooperative. Dan is a renowned Bluegrass musician who recently was awarded the 2022 IBMA (International Bluegrass Music Association) Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Call for an appointment to take a tour and view homes for sale 707-937-0294

Woods Cooperative Annual Members Mtg and Why

This 90 second video gives information regarding our Annual Members Meeting of The Woods Cooperative Association, Inc.  We are a Resident Owned Community since 2021. As a CaliROC Cooperative  we are required to hold an annual membership meeting. This video explains a bit more about the importance of the mtg.  

How WCA Committees Work

This 1 min. video gives a quick look at the process of establishing a WCA Committee and how it works. Our Committees are the foundation of the operations of our Woods Cooperative. They work closely with Membership, the Board of Directors, our Property Management Team, Government Agencies, and our local Mendocino community.

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