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Annual Elections for Open Positions on the WCA Board of Directors

Each year, our WCA Board of Directors has several positions that are open and need to be filled by the time of the Annual Members Meeting in October.

Our corporation has been set up so that only 2, or possibly 3 positions, are open in any one year. That way we can preserve continuity. Each of the five Board members serves a two year term with a maximum of 2 consecutive terms. 

The WCA Elections Officer and the WCA Nominations Committee set the timeline for the election process each year. Several months before the Annual Meeting,  The Nominations Committee will set up a 30 day nominations period as well as an elections period. 


All WCA members will be notified of the dates each year for the nominating period as well as the voting period.

The Election 

Here we will be posting this year's line-up of nominees and the schedule for the voting period, counting of votes, and announcement of the names of the new Board Members.

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